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  • Hi Temp 4” Flat Wound Aluminum Voice Coils
  • Non Pressed Paper Cone With Glossy Carbon Fiber Dust Cap
  • Custom Tooled Progressive Spider w/ Triple Heavy Duty Lead Wires
  • Proprietary Forced Cooling Channels
  • Grade Y35 Ferrite Magnet Motor
  • 3000W RMS Power Rating
  • Hand built in the U.S.A.
  • Available in Dual 1 or Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coils

/ D E S C R I P T I ON

  • 15" units will be shipping the week of 9/30/19 ---- 18" units will be shipping the week of 1/6/20

/ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

KH3001 12"KH3001 15"KH3001 18"
CoilDual 1 | Dual 2Dual 1 | Dual 2Dual 1 | Dual 2
Fsn/a? | 31.51 Hzn/a
Ren/a? | 2.96 Ohm
(VC wired in Series)
Qmsn/a? | 8.21n/a
Qesn/a? | 0.55n/a
Qtsn/a? | 0.51n/a
Mmsn/a? | 383.66gn/a
Cmsn/a0.066 mm/Nn/a
Sdn/a791.73 cm^2n/a
Vasn/a59.21 Ln/a
SPLn/a87.01 dB 1W/1mn/a
Bln/a20.2 Tmn/a
Xmaxn/a33 mm (One Way)n/a
RMS3000W - RMS3000W - RMS3000W - RMS
KH3001 12"KH3001 15"KH3001 18"
Overall Diameter12.50"15.625"18.50"
Cutout Diameter11.125"14.125"16.75"
Mounting Depth10.00"11.00"12.25"
Driver Displacement.19 ft^2.21 ft^3.26 ft^3
Sealed Enclosure1-2 ft^3 Net2-3.5 ft^3 Net3-6 ft^3 Net
Ported Enclosure1.8-2.75 ft^3 Net3-5 ft^3 Net6-8 ft^3 Net

1 review for KH3001

  1. Dave

    If you want to step UP your Audio game!
    Just got back into audio a few years back and I’m glad even before I discovered Adire audio I was impressed of what out there, also disgusted at what some audio companies put out there. The price point of these subs really are not for beginners on a budget more for those of us who have a passion for high quality Audio. I’ve spent over 2500$ in just my electric in my car and I’m not done- before amps and subs. So before I “demo” for people I make sure to show and explain my electrics. My amp isn’t the best but I’ll upgrade when the time comes. I’m a “bass head” I love 30-18 hz or lower 🙂 so SPL is nice to have but I like to FEEL my bass and I don’t need to be heard blocks away but when your near my vehicle you’ll know it.

    These 3000kh’s are phenomenal to say the least with my limited box building skills I still am getting the bass I want it makes me want to learn to build better. The SQ is dangerously clean it makes me push my amp to its limits- no clipping here though:).

    I’ve been a “subwoofer Nerd” since I was 9 so I do know a thing or two about subs,drivers,woofers-whatever so I know there’s no such thing as the “perfect “ subwoofer but at Adire Audio they give you plenty of options and the customer support is Awesome! Behind the scenes are people that really know what they are doing and I’m sure they will be better known by 2021 once more folks give them a shot. I got 2-15’s And once I upgrade electrics amp(s) And enclosure I’m sure my vehicle will suffer even more 🙂 if your truly passionate about your Audio you’ve come to the right place!

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